Enjoy Today

Today I am enjoying:
*My last day of straight hair before I have to wash it.  Yeapper, it was time for the pony tail but look at the cute barrette!   You can't really see it but it is a little rose.
*The beautiful fresh flowers at the front desk at work.  We get new ones each week.  It is one of my favorite details of work and life for that matter.  Fresh flowers just lift the spirit.  Photo taken with Mac Photo Booth.

*The new look of the retail area.  It never fails that when we refresh the look we sell sell sell and it is usually what I put in the window!  Ah the power of merchandising!  Took this photo with my phone.
That's about all she wrote today.  It's an easy breezy Monday.  Hope yours is too!  I am looking forward to cleaning my studio tonight when I get home and putting the finishing touches on a special project I am working on.  It looks like I garage sale exploded all over the place in there.  It seems to be the room that collects the stuff when we clean house and need to shove something somewhere.