Events of the day

Welcome to the events of my day! First of all I can't get this song out of my head. I just love it. It was a super busy day and I just stopped working. Yeah! I seriously started working today about 10 am and just stopped. Whew. You know the best part though... I am so happy. I was so productive today! I was creative, I had a meaningful lunch with a good friend that made my heart feel gratitude and love, I saw my Jennifer (I like to call my friends, "my" whoever... it's a term of endearment to me) for a pre birthday brow wax. I wandered down the street to snap this.

Admittedly it is a crappy photo and I will take it again later. I was in too big a hurry to get to my next task which was picking out paint colors for the studio.

I checked in on the studio progress today. That wall to the right is new and the ceiling is almost ready to go in.

He he I am in the men's room! Can you tell I am giggling! The tile is almost done and then we can send in the troops for a DEEP clean.
I picked up our business cards!

I talked to my Mom and my Mema and my Kayla and now I am off to sit, relax and watch Grey's Anatomy. Please let the dead guy thing end (even though he is cute it's annoying me). Nite nite! 2 More wake ups til I am 30! I feel wiser already.