Faves for summer (and a discount offer for my readers)!

Here you are ladies and gents... without further adieu these are my faves for summer 2009.

Kallie is here visiting for the month-o-July and we are calling it the Summer of Love! Target agrees!

My must have drink of the summer is the Strawberry Blond! We make it with pureed strawberries soaked in Vodka, add ice and lemonade! Talk about refreshing!

These shoes are the comfiest ever! Cliff bought them for me as a surprise a while back and for a girl who spends all day on her feet on concrete they are miracle flip flops! They are a touch expensive for flip flops in my mind but worth every last penny! I am in lurve!

This blog is cracking me up! Thanks Rachel!

Ok there are lots of faves in these photos!

1. Maxi dress from Target (I tried to find a link online with no luck but it is still in stores).

2. The necklace around my pretty little neck ; )

3. Hysterical laughter over a seemingly simple task of getting the cat food from the bag into containers!

The necklace is from Pieces of a Girl. It is from their new Alphabet Fortune Collection! I absolutely LOVE that the L pendant actually looks like an L and not a 1! I have the hardest time finding L stuff and this one is pure love. I get so so many compliments on it. Cliff says that it "just does something special" for me when I have it on.

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Lizzy Flanagan is the artist behind Pieces of a Girl. We met her on our first trip to Boston for my surgery (the one that didn't go). I left that day with this little gem and it's been a favorite ever since. I wear it when I need to feel planted in my truth. It whispers to me that I am on the right path and thanks me for listening to that little whisper inside. Isn't it funny that a necklace can do that for you? I think it's pretty great.

I could copy and paste the info about Lizzy from her website but you can read that for yourself... I will tell you what I know about her. We met for about a minute in the grand scheme of life at a time when my life was about to change drastically. She was warm, honest, open, amazing, a kindred spirit from the word-- hello! She is deep and thoughtful, a true artist. She takes me most beautiful photographs and creates lovely jewelry. She is someone I'd love to sit and drink wine, eat great food and have long long conversations on life with and perhaps we will get that opportunity one day soon. If you want to give a meaningful gift to someone or to yourself you will never go wrong choosing Pieces of a Girl.

Let me know what you choose! Happy Summer everyone!

Much love,