For The Love of Lists: A New Series

It's Friday.
And I've decided Friday is for list making.
And so it shall be.
I'm feeling all formal today, can you tell?

I've been toying with the idea of a steady blog topic for a while but I've been resistant to commit since you know... it's my blog and I don't want it to feel like I have to do something just because I deemed it. Ones blog should never feel like a J-O-B, EVER! So I've been waiting a good and long time to make sure it feels right and... it does.

Sheesh it's just a list it's not like I'm getting a puppy that will require feeding and cleaning up after...but you get me (or you wouldn't be here). :) So thanks for both getting me and being here! You're the best!

Alright so Friday... Lists... Yes...

While searching blogs for lists I found this blog and it's now a new fave. So here's my first list inspired by Hula Seventy.

Things I want to say to my 20's self.

1. Your 30's are going to be full of more magic then you ever thought possible. Get ready!

2. Stop using a flash, learn how to shoot out of the AUTO mode. C'mon apply yourself. It's worth it.

3. You don't have asthma. Keep looking for the right doctor. Don't trust just because they have a fancy degree. You don't have asthma and it IS a big deal.

4. Eat as many hot fudge brownie sundaes as you want. Now is the time to do it while your body is still burning calories like that is its only job.

5. The one you thought was the one won't last. It's o.k. Tell your sister. Tell her. Call your Mom she's been there before. Aunt Mary is there for you just waiting for you to call. Mema always knows when you are hurting. You won't tell them because you think you need to be perfect, keep your woes to yourself but you should.

6. Don't dismiss crafting as a silly thing. It's a mainstay in your life. Create you beauty! Create!

7. Spend as much time as you can with your family. I know you won't believe me when I tell you but you won't live in Texas forever.

8. You'll find your partner was right across the hall in the middle of your quarter life crisis. He was the only one who ever told you how nice you look when you worked really hard at putting yourself together though life was totally upside down. He's the one who will curl up in that hospital bed when you've never been more disappointed that they couldn't fix you and you'll cry. You'll cry even when you think there couldn't possibly be more tears and he will hold you all night long and whisper that it is all going to be ok and you'll believe him. You are right to believe him. It's safe to give this one everything, he will take such tender loving care of it all.

9. Stop buying button down shirts. Corporate America is merely a stop along the way. You are not going to be there long. You're welcome.

10. You'll find true stillness in your life for the first time after you've been cut open, sewed back together and not allowed to talk. It will hurt...BAD. Make them wait to put the arterial line in until after you are under. The pain goes away. You will be healed for good. It's worth it. Be brave.

11. Keep sending letters to people when your heart tells you to. Keep speaking truth, sending love and showing gratitude. Your words make a difference for people even if you never know it.

12. Enjoy cd's and video stores. They are on their way out.

13. Your baby sis isn't the only writer in the family. You have stuff to say too.

14. Skip class once, twice but not three times.

15. Ask Mema her opinion on everything. She's plugged into the source.

16. Take the student loan and go to France. Practice your French. Your host family wants you to re-use your towel all week. You won't have a clue what they are trying to tell you but just re-use the towel, ok.

17. About that student loan...umm don't combine it with your husbands... those can't be separated like people can.

18. When that transvestite comes in to Dillards to get a makeover and no one will work on him, you won't hesitate and you'll give him much more than a makeover, you'll love him and he'll feel accepted for the first time in a long time.

19. Go ahead and say fuck if you want to. It feels pretty gratifying when used appropriately.

20. Get out of the tanning bed. It's stupid. You have porcelain skin and that's a good thing.

21. I love you.

What would you say to your 20's self???
Have a wonderful weekend!
Lots of Lovin,