For The Love of Lists: December Daily

I am taking one picture everyday in December.  Each day I carry my camera with me and I wait for the moment when the picture of that day reveals itself.  Of course each image has a story...

No one ever said starting your own business would be easy but we didn't think it would be this hard either.  It's affirming for me that even through the intense financial uncertainty Cliff and I keep bringing our best selves to one another. We sit and talk with hot tea or wine depending.   I look forward to couch unwind and talk time all day. 

Inspired by Kayla's beautiful blog post  .

Speaks for itself. ; ) 

A milestone at the new yoga studio (I'm the project manager now and will be the studio manager when it opens).  The aerial swings are in and progress is happening in exponents each day!

We got our Christmas trees!  Two wee ones.  One 4 feet and one about 3 and they both make me very happy.  Ned of course helped check the light strings.

This was a wonderful moment.  I was sitting at my normal spot at the table working and Ned was on the big hutch just looking out at the patio.  The light was beautiful and Ned was a perfect statue.  I love all the little hairs on his big white chest.

This is the backyard Jennifer's house (she's the one in the purple swing and it is her yoga studio).  This was a particularly fast paced and stressful day.  Everyday on a construction project has the potential to be really great or really stressful and turn on a dime.  When I got to her house this day I just kept walking into the backyard and took a moment to breathe and capture the sweet bird houses, sitting places and prayer flags.    

Our Women's Discussion Group met in a yarn store for our meeting this week.  All the colors and soft textures and quietly held us as we opened our hearts together again and explored where we've been and where we're headed.  I am deeply grateful for the beautiful women in this group.

and yesterday... the lotus lights went up over the front desk at the yoga studio.  They. are. perfect.
Here's a link to the set if you want to follow along this month.
How's your first week of December been?
I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of moments that deserve to be captured!