For The Love of Lists: Someday, but for now.

I started thinking of this mid week and Ned was super helpful as I made notes in my journal.  We're both pretty sure those book mark things are there for him to play with. 

Someday I will have a bath tub where I can stretch out my legs and have everything under water.  But for now I am grateful to have a bathtub at all.
Someday I will have a sheet set with all the matching pillow cases our 3 pillows each requires. 
But for now I am grateful to have a bed to sleep in and actual pillows when so many have so much less. 
Someday I will have lots of money to do good often with. 
But for now the power of listening and loving has been more than enough this week.
Someday I will travel to Ireland, Scotland and spend a hefty dose of time in England.
But for now tea with my English friend makes me deeply happy.
What's your someday?  What's your for now?
Wishing you a weekend full of more than enough.
Lots of love,