Free Change!


You remember these right! This wall is on my side of the bed. I see it everyday and look at it each night as I am laying in bed. I've had a hankering lately to work on our home but with no extra mulah to go out and buy stuff I've been getting creative. It was time for some freshness in the bedroom (not in that way you dirty people) and since yours truly was dying the curtains black (little sniffle) I thought the papers should match. Oh well they still make my very happy hanging next to our brown curtains.

Here's the before and after!

And as I was snapping the shot of the wall this little one let out a little wimper. I suppose I was bothering him.
(and that bright red thing is his mouse that he always sleeps with and not a little surprise for you)

It is a week and a day til we go to Texas! I can not wait for Cliff to see what a real Thanksgiving/ Christmas is like. His whole life he's only had his brother and his parents and no extended family. Can you imagine no cousins, no crazy Aunt's (tee hee you Turkey!), no fantastic Mema, none of it! We don't have a large family by any means but we have a good one full of love and support and laughter and I can not wait to share it with Cliff.

Happy Thursday!