Free Change

You know how some days you look at something you've looked at a million times before and you know-- today is the day that change HAS got to happen!  That was me last week with the entry way.  It was BORING and needed a little sprucing!

Here's the before-- I have no idea why I took two photos instead of one but you get the idea... blah.

Mema gave me a bunch of hooks and I had brown spray paint already so I painted some up. And I have to say I am super proud of my screw holding idea. I put them into a potato so I could paint the tops to have them blend into the hooks.

I painted the front door to match the living room wall and moved in the big mirror that I used to have in my massage space (Kayla will be so happy when she comes to visit, she loves a full length mirror). There you have it, a little paint and rearrange and I think it's make a much better statement now, don't you!

ta da!

new entry

Here's to free change and blue doors (makes me want to watch Knotting Hill for the 100th time)!

Have a lovely Wednesday!