Get Your Cleanse On!

Lookie! We are doing a cleanse! Kayla arrived today and we are starting a 7 day food based cleanse tomorrow! I went shopping today for days 1 and 2! Day 1 and 2 = fruits and veggies. No dairy, no alcohol (hence Kayla's class of wine tonight... one last glass before the cleanse!), no caffeine... just fruits, veggies and water... oh but don't worry it can be hot or cold! : )

We'll let cha know how it goes! eeee! So far I'm a little nervous about no dairy, Cliff is nervous about no morning coffee and Kayla is worried she won't get to chew enough?! Yeah she's strange. No but really she's worried about her business lunches. I feel for her it will be tricky for her to negotiate that one.

Root for us!

P.S. Thank you all so much for your love and sweet comments from my new dream post! I am so thankful to be surrounded by love.