Good notes. Good touch.

I write notes, thoughts, letters-- all the time. In my journal. On scraps of paper. Email drafts. In my planner. Saved drafts of texts on my phone. I write them to myself or to other people. It's usually something that wells up and swims around inside of me long enough that I need to get it down to get it out of my head. Sometimes I send them. Sometimes I don't. I found one that I wrote to my best friend years ago when I was in the depths of sadness and personal struggle. I never sent it to her but we've talked about that moment since more than once. Finding these always makes me happy that this is one of my quirky practices in life. Amazing how a few words on a slip of paper can take you right back to what you were feeling.

All these years later I am ok, much better than ok actually. And after that day I always hug people longer and mindfully. There's nothing better than really being held and feeling loved.

Thank you my darling friend for loving me then and loving me now. You remain on my list of profound blessings. And this one I'll send ya ;)

Go hug someone extra long today! Seriously, do it!