Happiness Is...

...going to a new place with full confidence that you will meet new friends and then getting there to find that you were exactly right! These girls are amazing! I am meeting so many new people and having so much fun. Here are a few highlights of the day.

Today on our break we took a field trip to a pet store to give and get some lovin. I didn't realize that stores like this still exist.
I wanted to love on all of them but we settled with 4.

This one was a sweetie, so big and gentle. She just sat on my lap for the longest time all lounged out and laid back. Can you image how big she will get!?

Wook at that bell-wee! Oh the baby talk was flowing with this little love!

I so wanted this one to love me but she couldn't be bothered.
She was as prissy as she is cute.

Leigh-Ann had such a great connection with this little lady. She wanted to take her in her purse all the way home to Canada.

This is the street where I spend and will be spending most of my time here in Missouri. You can see Leigh-Ann and Elsie's mom, Elizabeth outside the Red Velvet Store

A peek inside. It is SOO cute!

Yeah these are not really me but I couldn't resit putting on pink glasses! Everything in this store makes me smile.

Our classes are inside this old firehouse. It is so so charming!

We had so much fun today taking the Gourd class! I named mine "Gourd-geous." Tee hee she's got curves like me. : )

LA and LA <3 at the beautiful mess journaling class! I LOVE the way that Elsie journals. It is so freeing and she helped me with a doodle of myself! If you've not taken her online class and you are the least bit crafty or want to be you must sign up next time she has one! It will change your journaling life.

There is a massive thunder storm going on outside and I LOVE IT! I miss rain like that. At home we call a sprinkle "California pourin" but right now we are under flash flood warning so it's safe to say it is it's really pouring!

nite nite, tomorrow is a big long great day so I am off to beddy bye.