Health Histories

Hello from our lawn!
It's not this sunny today but it's crisp and great to wriggle my toes in the cold grass. I am sitting out with a blankie working on school stuff!

Hey would any of you guys/ girls volunteer to fill out and return to me a health history?

If you care to oblige:

My nutrition website is here.
You fill it out on the site and it will send me a copy via email. (let's say by the end of the week). Leave a comment if you don't mind saying that you are sending me one.

Thank you!

Hope your Tuesday is going well. Is it just me or are Tuesday's really productive!? I'm feeling pretty accomplished anyway. : )

ps- good question raised by Katy. All info is private between me and you. After you fill it out I will read over it with you (prob via phone or skype). The purpose is to get me comfy working with clients and reading through health histories. This in no way signs you up for anything or means that your personal info will be strewn about (good word, strewn). It's helping me practice. : )