Hello Friday!

Today I
made Cliff an egg in a basket with cinnamon raisin toast. I was feeling extra generous I almost NEVER make breakfast during the week but he's had a hard week at work and like I said, feeling generous : ) Hey, I'm a giver.
He said it was the cutest thing he'd ever seen. LOL

Today I
am sporting my latest fave felt bow. : )
Today I
am working in my studio now that it is clean (eh as clean as it's gonna get right now).
Today I
started my next project... 2008 photos going into one scrapbook. I used to hard core do a book of every year with each little event and scrap of paper but I find those exhausting now (omg I sound like I am eating bon bons saying it like that). These days I spend my time doing mini books of events, people or things I really really love and am inspired by. I figure that years from now I am not going to care about the exact date a photo was taken etc... BUT 2008 was a banner year! So so many things happened:

Quit awful cubicle job that made me cry
Kayla and Brian visited
Got married
Had surgery on my trachea that allowed me to breathe again
The best three months with Mema
Bought a house
Bought a Smart Car and a Scooter
Dustin, Nicole and Austin visited
Went on our honeymoon to Florida
Took a dream project working with Soula
Lots of fabulous weekend getaways... my fave being Cambria, CA
Went home for Thanksgiving and sang karoke with my family
Lots of good stuff big and small so it has earned it's very own book and it's been really cool to start working on it.

Today I am working on my next project (planning stages and idea brainstorming). I get to decorate/ brand this office! I am super excited and it's going to be a challenge b/c it's a non-profit with a modest budget so all my best Mema tips and tricks will come in handy!

Whatcha doin today? Happy Friday friends!