Hellooo friends!

Thanks for hanging in with me through the silent no post days. I've been busy building my massage practice, studying my nutrition stuff and practicing yoga. Definitely in good transition and looking forward to 2010!

Here are a few latest from our Acro class. I have so much fun in AcroYoga and I think I've already said it but I love that it's "our yoga!"

This is me and Cliff doing plank on plank!

I forget what this one is called but I felt like Baby and Johnny practicing "the lift!" Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

Ok say maybe we don't look like that yet but you just wait!


My new favorite word of the moment is TINCTURE. Seriously say it... tink-t-shure! Isn't that a great word. I must remember to add it to my fave words list!

I've almost completed my second journal this year! A first for me.

Hope your week is going well!