Here's your sign!

The following are some super cute finds from a few of my blog faves and my casa.

Ummm hello try to look at this one and NOT smile! Impossible, right! What a great little way to remind yourself that it is the little things in life that we must absolutely find delight in! Jessica is going to put it in their new baby space on the art wall. She is going to have the cutest baby nursery ever! I love the idea of an art wall! Speaking of art walls...

this makes me want to do my hallway in a lacylike version that is our story! I think it would be so much fun to create. Elsie always inspires me.

This currently cheers me on in our hallway. I would work it into the art wall for sure.
I saw this on Ali's Blog and I think they are adorable! She has them for her kids but I'd totally get one for me. What a cute way to get in a daily affirmation! I also really love that you can take a cute little idea like this one and make money, that's the dream and it always encourages me to see it happening out in the world. Makes me have the warm fuzzies.

When my littlest sis came to visit she posted sticky notes all over. My fave reads "good morning sunshine, the earth says Hello!" I have it on my bathroom mirror and each morning it makes me smile. It's all about surrounding myself with love notes and cheery thoughts for me this week!