Hey Lacy

Hey Lacy-- what makes you happy?

Oh what- huh you talking to me? Happy? Oh yes, ummm the beach makes me happy and my man and my family and making stuff.

Oh yeah the beach you say?

Yeap why do you ask?

Well cause I was thinking that we scoop up your man and go there.

Oh I like the way you're thinkin'. You're just so smart. What a gal.

Oh you're silly but you're oh so right. Let's go! Shhhh don't tell anyone, it's a work day.

Darling all your secrets are safe with me and let's be practical you've got your go go gadget phone... the work never leaves you.

You've got a point there little lady!

Hey remember to take some pictures!

DUH! Of course, you're talking to yourself, you should know better!

wink wink and we're off!