Yay we are home! I've just loaded all 607 photos to my computer-- eee that is going to take some time to go through. I always just snap snap snap away at these kinds of events and hope that I got a few good ones. : )

It was a great visit and I was really sad to leave my family. Saying see you later is always bitter sweet.

This year Cody turned 18 and he got a tattoo! He and Kayla now have the same one that our Uncle Todd had on his neck. Very cool!

Here's the fam!
This is Cody and his girlfriend Raquel. She is amazing and has changed my little bro in tremendously sweet ways. Love has a way of doing that for you.
The Grad. Headed home. Our long arm of the day. Cliff is in the kitchen cooking din din and I am fixin (tee hee a little Texan for ya) to get ready for my work week.

Does it feel like Sunday to anyone else?