Hugs of all sorts

So it's been a rough week... It feels like it's taken an act of God to get to Thursday and Thursday are my self imposed busy days. I do marketing for Soula on these days and also check off my to do list of items that have been growing through the beginning of the week. I have a new schedule to create which is no easy task, I feel for people who have more employees than we do. I only have to juggle 5 people. I can only imagine like 20. eeeek. Then I have to go to the printer to approve our new schedule proof, meet with a local agency to see about getting yoga into their programs, work on website stuff, emails.... the list goes on. The good thing about Thursday is that I always feel like I've really accomplished something. Thursdays keep me moving forward.

I got two emails from two friends this week who knew that I was in need of hugs. One gave me fat hugs and the other gave me a big squishy lonnnnng hug. Thanks girls, I needed them and it made me giggle to see how you explained your hug. I love them both.

Here's what I was doing this time last week! I loved those big scissors. I really wanted to play with them and take all kinds of fun pictures but I had to be a big girl that day. LOL

And another tid bit... I've been very inspired by this girl lately. She makes the kind of projects that I have swimming around in my head. I really admire people who have ideas and then actually get them done! I really really really want to complete my 2008 album. Perhaps Saturday on my day off I will get a little work done on it.

Hope that your Thursday moves you forward.
A super loooooong lacylike hug,