I cleaned my studio and made a mini book!

If you are anything like me you stock pile adorable things that you know you will use on this or that project and before you know it you've got actual piles, everywhere! That's usually the scenario in my studio. After finishing the big jotter order I got inspired to clean my room, clear the space (even the bulletin board-- it was time) and get ready for 2010 and all it's fabulous projects! I made a stack of magazine clippings, notes, etc and compiled a little scrapbook for me!

It took me two days to get the room clean but only one for my mini book! Here are a few of my very favorite pages. I hope it makes you smile too! Enjoy!

RVA weekend. One of my fave moments of 2009 (flight home fiasco excluded).

Cut out from my ipod case and a coaster from a very cool restaurant in SF

Going to see Regina and Italy... sigh one day! And Newcastle our fave beer. Cut out from a mag and glued onto a Starbucks cup sleeve!

The cutest note from Kallie ever. It was on my bathroom mirror for weeks after one of her visits and the first version of my lacylike logo girl made by my bestie, Rachel!

I folded tiny pockets out of magazine pages on the back of each of these and talked about my fave magazines and how they inspire me. I STILL miss Domino!

From one of Cliff's old paramedic uniforms. He was going to throw them away and I insisted that I could do something totally fun with them! I've got two more to create with! I'm thinking maybe one on a pillow or something???

I love notes from my Mema and vintage ribbon. I love ribbon a lot but Mema way more. Plus this makes me smile b/c Mema is the best bargain hunter I know and she sends the best packages full of brilliant Mema finds!

Quite true and quite lovely.

This is my dad and one of his race cars! This man loves life and is a big kid in the best of ways. His racing # is 53 and anytime I see a 53 in the world I think of him!

Oh Bora Bora I will see you one day. I will wiggle my toes in your sandy beaches and sleep over the water in one of your fabulous little hut thingies! I will, just you wait!

This was on my dream board for so long and I love my scooter so so much! It's freedom and happiness on two wheels.

The Lacy letters are Cut out from a Papaya catalog. The other is a magazine clipping that is right on!

Yay for mini albums and the clean happy rooms!
Yay for you reading my blog!