I love...

I spent a little time sorting mine this weekend.

been lighting candles a lot lately.
It's been gloomy and rainy out so I've been making it really cozy in.

Movie Quotes

Name that movie!
I just watched it this weekend... love love love this movie!

" after all I have thoughts of killing you? "

Throws, blankets, quilts all of it... handmade or store bought I love to be covered in comfy!
Thing about that is that Ned and the Hinge also share a love of comfy throws so they require a once a week washing to keep the house fur free. Ohhh speaking of fur free----- our vacuum died! And man did it go out with a puff of smoky glory! We tried to fix it and then turned it back right side up, flicked it on and this GIGANTIC puff of grey gooky smoke filled the entire room. Cliff was covered in grey gook and we both made that spitting noise over and over while cracking up laughing and waiting for the air to clear. Cliff kindly escorted that vacuum to the dumpster and me to the shower. It was great but now our carpet is really in need. Time to get a DYSON! We have their mini vac and it was worth every penny!

Sangria... We went to a hibachi grill place for lunch the other day and met a really fun couple who taught me to make the best sangria! Use: Cabernet, Grand Mariner (a shot and a half), OJ (til it turns burgundy) and Lime (just a squeeze)! OHHHHH It is yummy goodness!

This bath stuff from Whole Foods. It's divine and the perfect size to pack when going away for weekend getaways! I like the ones that foam!

The new yoga room floor!