I love Sunday!

I love getaway weekends.

We've returned from our weekend getaway. It was MAGNIFICENT! We ordered movies and room service, took naps, went to the hot tub, took baths, took more naps and spent the best QT together.

I love a great fitting bathing suit bottom!

I was so excited to see that Target is carrying my all time fave style swim suit bottoms this year! I have "womanly" hips and this is one of the best looks for my bod.

I love to see life in motion!

Congratulations to Jessica and Jeffery! Their little one arrived (if you can call 9.1 little). Ouchie, Jessica! You are my hero and I am sending you healing wishes!

I love great photography!
These will take your breathe away.

And above all else, today I love LOVE!
This blog is amazing! A fest for your loving eyes.

Here's to a new week!