I made it! Hello Springfield!

Wow it was a full day o travel but I am here tucked into my hotel room! I drove down to where the event will be and met Leigh Ann! We went for a short walk and shared some quality hugs. I've met someone who gives hugs as good as I do. : ) I can't wait to talk to her more tomorrow. I've got a million getting to know you questions swirling around in my head. I feel like I'm 12 and can't wait for tomorrow so that I can go outside and play. That's cool if you ask me.

So it's now 1:30 am central time but really it's 11:30 to my bod. I am eating a cereal bar for dinner and wishing I would have found a grocery store to pick up some snacks. I think I am going to have to cave and drink the $3 hotel water but heck compared to the airport that's a bargain. LOL It's times like these that a mini bar comes in handy. If only there was one.

Flying over the Sierra Mtns today! It was so much more beautiful than the photo portrays. One moment I was looking down at my magazine and the next I look up to see this!

A few fun conversations heard in the plane:

Guy 1: So this morning I got up and took a dump and then went out for a cheeseburger for breakfast.

Guy 2: Dude that's disgusting, who eats cheeseburgers for breakfast!

Daughter (about 3 or 4 yrs old): Mom are we going to fall into the ocean?

Mom: No sweetie why would you think that?

Daughter: Because the man said in case of water landing... (side note: I was totally impressed that she used the exact words that the flight attendant had just used... those kiddos pick up on everything).

Mom: Oh yes they did say that but that is only for an emergency and our plane is going to get us there safe and sound.

Daughter: Good because I did not pack my swim suit and I would not want my new shoes and shirt that grandma gave me to get wet in the ocean.

This was my view for oh about a million and one minutes. Rain in Dallas. Thunder and lightening in Dallas! Lots of waiting in Dallas! The plane we were on was Regional Jet with 1 seat on the left and two on the right. I got onto the plane and said -- Umm I can't be on this plane. The flight attendant looked all concerned and said are you ok? I said, yes I just think that this tiny plane makes my ass look fat. We both laughed and that I ducked my head to walk down the isle to my seat.

Hey but the BBQ and Shiner Bach in Dallas were DELISH! It made my face and my belly smile!

Once we got into the sky it look like we were surrounded by electric jelly fish all over the sky. It was very cool to watch but sort of scary and turbulant.

This is my I'm haning in there face. I think it's appropriate that the pict came out a little blurry. I was feeling a little blurry at that point in the day.
Ok I am going to call it a night!
Talk to you tomorrow!
Sweet dreams, sleep well!