I made it home!

I am home! This is me this morning at the airport. I was so frustrated that I wanted to just throw a fit and cry-- you know the good terrible 2 year old kind of fit. So --- yeah, my under wire on my bra set off the alarm and I got felt up by the airport police (which wasn't horrible- LOL) but they did allow me in with scissors and needles so I spent my time working on my Emma Felt Class stuff! It was so great to have something to do that brought a little delight to the suckyness.
I am pretty sure this look says it all. It was a LONG day.

Now onto the good stuff!
Here are a few highlights from the last day of RVA weekend!

Our workspace in the firehouse. This is at Emma's Felt Class! I LOVED IT! You will all be getting something felt for Christmas and it's really awesome! Side note about this weekend--- I've never been to an event before like this one. It was all quality, all love and all sincerity. There were no caddy women to be found within a five mile radius of our art and craft love fest. It was a celebration of what we love and each other and I am grateful to have been a part of it all. Thank you to all the fabulous women that I met. You've inspired me and I can't wait to start following your blogs! Big hugs to each of you for being so kind and so real. Mwah!

The sign said...So I decided to walk on the tracks. Living on the wild side. ; P
Commercial Street is lined with lots of cute shops and more to come with the rejuvenation project. I can just imagine how the street must have been 40 years ago.

This is the ceiling upstairs in the firehouse. I LOVE IT!
More upstairs firehouse.
Emma & Elsie thank you for sharing your hometown with us. It was a wonderful weekend! You are both so lovely.

Seriously, isn't Rachel the cutest pregnant lady ever! Rachel thank you so much for our really wonderful conversation. I've been thinking of it lots today.
Our daily LA LA photo! Cute hey!? Tee hee I just sounded Canadian like Leigh-Ann just then! LA your classes were oh so much fun and I can't even believe that this was our first time to meet in person. It feels like we've been gal pals for years.

That's all she wrote folks! I am going to bed. I've got to work tomorrow.
Yes, I am going to bed at 8:30. The weekend was that fun!
I'm pooped but oh so inspired with a million ideas running through my head!