I want a pupp-eh

Ok so when Cliff went to get Mom and Aunt Mary from the airport for my surprise there was this tiny little whisper in my heart that knew he was going to come home with a puppy. I could just see it all tiny with a big ole bow and a tag that read "Would you please be my mommy?" I knew it wasn't going to happen but I kinda hoped anyway.

I've had the puppy bug off and on since summer. I've done all the Internet research and found the right dog for our home and lifestyle. The desire ebbs and flows and I know that we don't need a dog, we don't have a yard to speak of and we are both gone a lot oh and we have two cats that would be beyond pissed so all signs point to NO!

Of course if I did have a dog how cute would it be if I could bring the pup with me to work! C'mon resident yoga studio dog! Hello DOWN DOG! It's meant to be! And think how socialized and people loving it would be! I know, perfect right?

So today I go to the dermatologist and he has his dog there... the exact same dog that I want to have! Sigh... today I want a pupp-eh so badly. Ned wants one too. I know it he does I asked and he started purring. I am pretty sure that's a 'whatever you want mom'