I'm a Bag Girl

I'm a bag girl. Always have been, always will be. I just love to fill up a bag with smaller bags all organized and perfect. It might be a sickness but it's one I'll keep, I just love love love a cute bag!

These are my faves right now.

This one comes to work with my every day and carries my laptop. I wish you could see the fabric inside it is graphic and cute! I bought it at Marmalade in Boston. If you are ever there you must stop in. It's a feast for your eyes and filled with some of the warmest (and super cute) women you'll meet.

Check out the Tepper Jackson site they have some super cute (seems that super cute is my word of the day) stuff! I have my eye on this and this! And these or these for all my preggy friends right now.

I bought this in the city last weekend and I just love how bright it is. I've been using it to tote my yoga clothes, make up, flip flops, back and forth. I just looked up the website to get the photo and it is *** super cute *** LOL. But really, check it out. I love this and this.

Ohh speaking of make up and coin purses, my friend Tracy got me started on coin purses. She gave me this one along with many other 30th birthday goodies. And another one from her 6 week (yeah I was like 80 % happy for her and 20% jealous... maybe 70/ 30 but still) trip to Italy with a cute girl on a vespa! Vespa girl is in my car and hold coins for the parking meter, etc and the one shown here is used for holding hair pins, hair bands, and lip gloss in my yoga bag!

And last but not least my ALL time fave make up bag is the Trish McEvoy Make Up Planner! I have the big one (I am guessing it is about 5 x 8, it can hold my full size brushes) and I've had it for years. There is nothing better than all your brushes lined up and organized and your essentials tucked in neatly. THE BEST for travel and taking your make up on the run to the gym, etc. Oh how I love that thing.

What's your thing? Are you a bag girl? A shoe girl? A makeup girl? Accessories your thing? Would love to hear what your faves are right now.