I'm a noid.

Flavonoid that is.

Recently one of my coaching clients said that my post on happy healthy you and cancer was so accessible and inspiring that she and her sister both cleaned our their kitchens and tried a week without meat. I love that kind of feedback so in that vein this week I am sharing 2 super easy things for you to try to increase the happy and healthy in your life!

Flavoniods are inflammation-fighting antioxidants. Which are GOOD for you and your bod.

And why you ask is inflammation bad? Since when has red, swollen, puffy and aggravation ever been a good thing? It's easy to see why inflammation on the outside of your body is bad but imagine it on the inside too. Over time if a body remains inflamed the constant aggravation can cause disease. Reducing inflammation in your body can help to lower the odds of getting cancer and keep your heart healthy. Adjusting your diet and lifestyle are always good ways to fan the flames.

2 things to try this week to do your body good.

1. Eat your colors! As the seasons are changing you'll notice more colorful produce (yay berries). Now is the perfect time to get doses of blueberries, cherries, oranges, sweet potatoes and purple grapes to increase your intake of flavonoids.

2. Ginger. Ginger is a bold spice and has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body. Perhaps now is a good time to make some ginger water!

Here's to keeping it simple and living life in full color!

xo and happy Monday!