Internet gems

I've selected a few things for you to check out on this Friday, a wee internet surf if you will:

Aquabumps- You can sign up for amazing beach photos that will come to your inbox daily.  Cody met Uge out body surfing and said he's a cool guy :)  Nice!

Throw To Grow- A new trash revolution!  I want to give a bucket of Bokashi to everyone I know!  It makes soil faster than any other method.  And it's so easy!  If you have kids, I betcha they'll love putting their food scraps in the bucket!

WithStyleandGrace  - Lisa has a new Day in the Life video up on her site, it's so good!  It makes me want to have someone follow me around with a video camera!

Have a wonderful weekend! 
BIG changes coming to the blog very soon & a big update on Monday!