Introducing a New Dream!

I moved to California 4 years ago to teach yoga and live a dream. Looking back I've learned so much in the past 4 years and because of it all I've grown into the woman that I am today! She's almost 30 and pretty fabulous and has found over and over again that she is much stronger than she initially gave herself credit for. ; ) She loves well, speaks honestly and laughs every single day.

Ok so rewind 4 years... I left my family and headed west on pure adrenaline and hope. What I didn't know when I drove away and saw them waving and crying in the rear view was that I was headed out on a true journey... the kind that has twists and turns, disappointments you could have never seen coming and really big band aids in the form of loving friends, terrific neighbors and family back home to heal the hurts and keep you going.

Looking back everything that has lead me to today happened because of that move... life is terrific and funny that way. My marriage to Greg ran it's course and when we chose to say Good-Bye I searched for a card to send out. Our split was amicable and extremely non-traditional in the sense of modern divorce so a traditional good riddens type of card would not do.

I'd fallen in love with the art and whimsy of Leigh Standley. I saw her work at the San Fran Yoga Journal Conf in 2005. I took a chance and sent her an email telling her my story and asking if she'd make a card for me. She responded back with so much warmth but said that she didn't do custom jobs anymore but would remember me when she went into the studio to work. One month later I sat down in my cube already hating the day that had yet to unfold... did you get the part about me being in a cube? Yeah...I was not built for cubes. Not even pretty ones with sparkly walls. And let me tell you this one had grey walls... kill yourself grey padded walls. ICK! So anyway back to the story... I sat down in my death cube and opened my email to find a note from Leigh! She had indeed remembered my story and it had inspired a card. I screamed. Literally, in my cube I screamed! My bestie Maggie came over and through tears I showed her my beauty. Leigh had perfectly summed up what I'd wanted to say but I didn't have the strength, creativity or words left. She's reached right into my chest and held my heart with a tender embrace. Her art saved me from that cube and breathed life back into me.

So that is really how it all began. One little email changed me. One little emailed started a beautiful yet faraway friendship with mutual respect and the potential for so much more should life and distance ever allow it.

Skip to 2008 and I get a forwarded email from Leigh saying that she has a friend who moved from Boston to San Jose and was opening a yoga studio and looking for teachers and a studio manager. I screamed. Literally, I screamed out loud in my living room. My love Cliff came over and through tears I showed him my future. I knew it from that moment. My life had come full circle and I was ready to come back to yoga.

I am proud to introduce my new dream, SOULA POWER YOGA for which I will serve as the Studio Manager, Designer and one day not too far from now Teacher.

Opening in downtown San Jose, February 2009.

Here she is! Marta (Soula Owner, aka my boss, aka my friend) could not have picked a better location. Between 1st and 2nd on the walking path from San Jose State!

Meet Marta!

This is where the magic will happen!
It is presently covered in all kinds of construction goo and dust on it's way to becoming Soula! This picture was taken pre construction. : ) Picture this room filled with students all hot and sweaty and super happy!