It's about love.

Do you see the love?
As per the usual Ned plopped right down with his purr motor on full speed while I was trying to photograph the card. He's all love wrapped in fur so it was appropriate.

Jamie sent me this card a while ago. I've been moving it around the house to different areas I am working in to give me a boost and it always does. Aside from the fact that it must have taken forever to stamp all those letters I appreciate seeing myself through someone else's heart and every time I read the card it usually goes something like this in my mind, 'I love encouraging and inspiring! I do have zest, zest is good! Mmm lemons, I love lemons, I should drink more water with lemon. Yay for zest, yay for me!'
I've gotten into the habit of writing down the nice things people say. I write them on a little note card or in my journal because when push comes to shove and I get a case of the Sunday blues or the woe is me's I can read those words and their love pulls me right back into the sunshine. Next time someone says something special and love filled to you try it, write it down on a little note card, tape it to the mirror or the fridge and let love work!

Happy Monday! Hope the Sunday blues didn't come knocking on your door last night!