It's all about zones!

I've been watching HGTV all weekend while crafting and all I keep hearing is that you need to create zones in your space. I kind of see that as lay down a rug put some stuff on it/ around it move to the next section. That's the gist right!? LOL

Anyway that has me thinking about my dream house again and the spaces that I want to create within its walls and on the grounds. Oh yes, there will be grounds! I figure that word is more regal than saying the yard. Little trivia for ya... did you know that we call our home the Starter Mansion. Yes we do. : )

So I definitely want a space like this. It would be for yoga of course and preferably looking out over the ocean (hey! It's my dream, ok!)

Once I got to Design Within Reach and started looking around I found that they have all three really neat things that I would love to have on my dream house grounds! Looooook!
I can get my yoga room, a tepee and an Airstream trailer all with the click of a button! Now that's convenience! Someday, someday!

Hope your Sunday is a happy one!

Fun stuff coming to you tomorrow with highlights of my weekend (been crafting lots today and had THE BEST time with Rachel yesterday).