It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It's a happy weekend round these parts. We are painting Cliff's office/ the guest room Townhouse Red from the Ralph Lauren Thoroughbred collection. Cliff picked it out. It makes him smile and I believe we should all have a room that does that! My studio does that for me. Every time I walk in there I come alive. Love that!

These little guys are happily hanging on our wall nearest the Christmas tree. I got the idea to make them here. She makes some super cute stuff and tells ya how to do it too which I always love. Yeap, I'm a fan!
Step One:
Get beverages
Step Two:
Drink Beverages!

Step Three:
Save Bottle Caps!
Ok those were my favorite steps!

I think they turned out really cute! I especially love the all Newcastle one. I would have made them both that way but I ran out of caps. Time to revisit steps 1, 2 and 3. Tee hee.

PS- If you are having stress I really recommend smashing bottle caps! It was fabulous quality time with the hammer and concrete. Those little caps never knew what hit em! ; )