It's Morning

Can you hear me whispering?

Yesterday was WONDERFUL! I had the best massage I've had in years and it didn't cost me a penny which makes it feel even better I'm sure. Thanks Marta and Jennifer for the B-day massage gift cert! After the massage I took a steam shower and that seemed to really help move all the clogged gunk out! Yippie, I'm almost better.

I opened the studio this morning. You know it is early when Starbucks has not put out their tables yet. The city is quiet, people are out and about but you only hear the sounds of birds chirping and an occasional bus or footsteps behind you. It's crisp and beautiful but don't be fooled, I still wish I was in bed. LOL

Cliff has a powerlifting meet today so we were both up and at 'em early. Is that right up and at 'em? I never really thought of it before! Go honey go! Hopefully I will be able to get there to get a few shots of the team after I get done here.

Nope I didn't clean house yesterday : ). I am hoping that Ned and The Hinge decided to pick up a few things for me. : ) On the to do list today... work, yoga, charge my camera battery cause I've been missing her! and MAKE SOMETHING!

The studio doors went up yesterday and they look awesome! They are OLD chinese doors! Yeap they came over on a slow boat from China! I took these with my phone.

Enjoy your weekend! MUAH!