Just in case you were wondering.

K, thanks! Noted!

It's a busy Monday in my world. Getting ready to do a massage and I am pretty sure someone came in and made our house dirty when we weren't looking. Not sure how that keeps happening!? I got to pick my mentor for nutrition school today and I am totally excited! After massage, do some school work and complete a lacylike.com album order. : )

I hope that your day is Aaaaamazing!

ps- anyone else feeling like it's time to get your 2010 planner going!? I already have things scheduled into the new year which is kind of cool and a wee bit stressful too. I still like to write everything down in a book that I carry with me all the time. This year I have the Papyrus planner which I've really loved. It has the months and then also the the days laid out in weeks.