OMG KAYLA! It is all your fault! Right before your visit you called me and asked if we were taping the first episode of The Bachelor. ARG! YOoooooU! We were not going to watch this season cause we thought he was kind of (excuse me everyone) a girlie man last year. I really want to use a stronger word but Cliff is sensoring me. Anywho... we were not going to watch and we have watched every Monday all season and added our own commentary with each show! Yeap, it's hilarious each Monday.

We just finished the After the Rose and OMG! OMG! OMG! Reality Steve saw it coming and I have to say that I am in agreement with him. He did NOT have to break up with Melissa on TV. Seriously! Seems to me that he spent all that time looking for a mamma for Ty and a dream wife and then he lost all credibility. I am all for following your feelings and going with your heart, living without regrets but come on!

Wow. Girlie Man!


Cliff is laughing at me right now but just said, yeap that about sums it up.

Signing off and for sure not going to watch next year (that is until Kayla calls and asks if we are going to DVR it). LOL nite nite all!

Lacy and Cliff
Oh and ned just ate a fly, we are so proud!