Lacy Loves

Welcome to a brand new series on Lacylike:  lacy loves!  
Completely appropriate don't you think!
Here are a few fun things that are catching my eye recently.
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Suit - 
this looks like stripes done right to me! It would so be my bathing suit pick for this year if-- you know I actually needed a new suit (which I don't ) and was going to spend over 100 bucks on swimwear (which I won't).  Otherwise it would totally be mine :)

 Water For Elephants - 
While there is some enormously painful animal cruelty scenes for those of us who loves animals this is the sweetest love story I've seen in a long time.  And the two beautiful people playing these roles don't hurt either!  Seriously easy on the eyes.  Naturally, Cliff now wants an elephant. 

Mushroom & Walnut Quinoa + Fried Egg-
With Style and Grace's latest recipe is AMAZING.  Lisa says she could eat it all the time, I completely agree.  It's amazing!  She's amazing!

THE Beach!
Us sitting on the beach.  This will always be a lacy loves.  It's my absolute favorite thing...EVER. 

My favorite drink these past few weeks is sparkling water in a wine glass with raspberries floating around.  Refreshing and it feels special. I love their tag line Return To Good.

Alternative's Pink Collection
Beautiful basics in pink for a beautiful cause and I just adore the photograph styling.

So what about you?  What's catching your eye this week?  What do you love?  Wish you could do/have/see or experience?

Happy Tuesday, friends!