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Let's go to China! I'm excited to share my latest mini album with you! I used canvas for the cover and did a photo transfer (yes I am on a photo transfer roll lately) on the front and back cover.

I tried to load this picture like 4 times and it keeps coming up sideways. Just turn your head to the side :) to see it.

One of my favorite parts of creating is handing it over to the customer and seeing/ hearing their reactions. I'm a feedback/ positive reinforcement kind of gal. ;) Here's what Mary had to say about her latest Lacylike album:


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you once again for a great memory book. Each one that you have created for me has its own uniqueness that only you can provide. I am amazed at how you are able to capture the essence of the moments in each picture by putting love and creativity into every book that I have requested. I must say that my most recent request of the China book was above and beyond my expectations! I ordered it as a gift to another couple who traveled with us. When I received it, I was overwhelmed! The book was perfect to the theme of the trip. Even though you didn't experience the trip with us, I would never know by looking through our special memory book. My friends were absolutely delighted! They couldn't stop thanking us. And now, I can't stop thanking you. Thank you for helping me preserve a very special time in our lives!
Mary G.

The blue paper on the right is one of their luggage tags.

The book was a gift for the couple pictured on the right.

Image on the right is a post card.

Ever since my days of scrap booking in high school I've loved including memorabilia that would otherwise be thrown away like the Simple Chinese Phrases pamphlet on the left.

I love the picture on the left. Isn't she stunning!

I make a habit of leaving some empty space in my books so that my customers can add in more of their own photos or jot down memories of the trip like the page on the left.

Had to get a picture of my favorite page turner helping :) He's getting to be a pro.

ta da! Another lacylike mini album out in the world happily sitting on someone's coffee table makes me a happy creative! Thanks for flipping through with me!

Have a wonderful Thursday!
I can't believe it's already Thursday! Mom arrives tomorrow to teach me how to use my sewing machine and make pillows! YAY!