Lacylike Latest

On Friday my Lacylike latest finally arrived to it's new home!
The first three pictures are from it's happy new owner, Lizzy. I LOVE her captures!

OK YEAH get a load of that RING! It's a checkerboard faceted cushion cut natural diamond (hence the color). At just under 3.5 carats it makes me think of when I was a kid and used to put my mom's bra on my head. IT'S HUGE! Lizzy's love had it made for her by Gabriella Kiss who is her all time favorite jewelry designer. She finds these incredible stone specimens---one of a kind.

The band is also by Gabriella. It reads "omnia vincit amor" which means "love conquers all" in Latin. Lizzy's fiance gave it to her first as a promise ring! Can I tell you how much I love that people out there are still giving promise rings!

You can see more of Gabrialla's work at

And talk about manifesting goodness... Lizzy used to work in the gallery and she loved wearing a similar natural GK diamond/Latin band combo in the gallery EVERY time she worked because she loved them so much (but never thought she'd actually OWN them).

Lizzy summed it up perfectly saying,
"The whole thing is a happy ending in exponents."
Isn't that beautiful!

I absolutely love hearing stories like that (and there's actually so many more cool details).

A look at some of my fave pages from the book.
Lizzy is going to use it through her wedding planning.

photo transfer, extra color added with pitt pens

A post card that I picked up in SF at Tartine :) I love to use bits of things that are part of my story in my books that go out into the world. To someone else it's just a pretty page but to me it's sending the happiness and love of that day right along with all the other pages.

The transparency is from an Andy Warhol exhibit Cliff and I went to. They had an art table for kids to make little Warhol inspired pieces, of course I plopped right down and gathered a few treasures to be used in later projects.

Lizzy's capture of this page is so beautiful. It's my favorite part of the book. That silhouette is so powerful, so beautiful, she's so ready for what lies ahead and right beside her as they've always been are her fur faced loves.

Wishing you and Mark EVERY happiness!

Big big big 14K gold love!

p.s. This week is full of promise.
I just know it.