Laptop Musings

Photo Credit: Leigh Standley @ Artfest last year.

It's been a week since my laptop didn't wake up and let me tell you it's harder than I thought it would be to not have it.  You know when you leave the house and you swear you've forgotten something important only to find it was the dog or your kid or something (I am mostly kidding), well that is what it feels like.  Of course it's not the end of the world by any means and my shoulder is glad to have the break from schlepping my gigantic bag complete with laptop and power cord. Mostly it's just an inconvenience and of course Universal lesson on so many levels which I am negotiating quite well. 

Lately the thing is miss most is my bookmarks! Laptops did for web addresses what cell phones did for phone numbers, just put them in and forget about it.  So today as you click from site-to-site in your bookmarks give a little smile for the convenience of it all. :)

Hope you have a WOW Wednesday (as my Mema says)!