Letters to myself.

Do you talk to yourself?  Write letters to yourself?

I do.

I have for years as a way to stand outside myself and process.  It makes sense to me and it's always been really powerful in my life.  I've found myself writing letters in my mind a lot lately...  I thought I'd share one with the intention of saying if you've ever felt like you let yourself down you are not alone.  Life is all about forgetting and remembering and beginning again.   I am not trying to be anything but myself in this life, just lacylike and I'd urge you to do the same.  Be true to who you are and remember that you can always stop, remember and begin again.  It's never, ever too late.


I found you again in 2008. 
After the chaos of surgery in the center of my own silence.
I found you.
You were strong and able and full of can do.
That year was the one where life rushed in and we started again as if for the first time.

I lost you when I settled.  I choose a job in desperation for money and not for love or passion.  I know that I promised that I wouldn't do that again but I did because I thought it was best and we suffered for it.

I found you again right in the middle of a coaching call.  I was her coach and she was my mirror back to myself.

I might lose you again at some point but I promise to always find my way back home to you where we can live authentically in our truth.  It's so stinking fun and free there so of course I'll find my way back.