Life, Uncorked

I was sharing the art wall ideas with Cliff and he had the best idea to go along with it! We save our wine corks and sometimes write on them when we have a notable occasion. I pulled out the bags and started sorting through them to see just how many have writing on them. Cliff is going to make some sort of board with some of our faves with writing to go on the art wall!

Sharing a few notables with you...
This was one bottle of wine that was more necessary than enjoyable. This was a tough time... my first attempt at tracheal resection in Boston. There was swelling and they could not perform the surgery. I was sent back to the west coast heartbroken.

We have quite a few that say this! ; )

I still remember this day! I was ooog-ling over my dress in the bedroom and Cliff was in the kitchen writing on this cork and pouring us a glass of wine to toast the occasion! It was super cute then and still makes me smile now.

Ok this one was HUGE! If only it was still true. LOL That's life right---we live it, reach some goals and then go at them again if needed.

Ned kitty helped me sort ; )