Looking for Lady Bugs!

On Friday night we went to the local nursery that we LOVE so much and bought some pretties to spruce up our garden for summer!

Aaaand we bought 1500 lady bugs to eat all the unfriendlys around the place! It was sooo cool! You put them in the fridge to go to sleep and when it gets the coldest outside you sprinkle the sleeping ladies around the garden. They don't fly at night. We waited until midnight and then introduced them into the garden.

The next morning it was time to look for lady bugs! They were everywhere! It's so cool!

Cliff is super excited about this little blueberry plant! There are so many berries on there already just waiting to blue up and then fall into his cereal bowl!

It felt great to spend Saturday unplugged with my hands in the dirt! I am off to make some breakfast and then sit on the patio that we've made oh so pretty!

I hope that your weekend is super dee duper!