Good Morning! I am all squeaky clean and wearing my Thursday undies and ready to post! We had the best late night last night of American Idol (dvr = no commercials = happy lacy and cliff) and frozen yogurt. There is nothing like escaping reality with your love!

One of my fave internet things to do is jump around and get inspired! Here are a few fun places I've been lately!

I will include where I got what from so that you can peruse too.

Happy internet hopping. I hope that you find something that makes you smile!

Found this here.

This website is fun! What do you love more than ______?
I am going to submit one! I am thinking about I love you more than fortune cookies. I used to always (by the way 'used to always' makes me laugh...donno just does) get a dozen or maybe two of fortune cookies if they were the really good kind (NOT wrapped in plastic, they have to be handmade and fresh and crunchtastic!)!

I am wondering what these kitties are thinking.

Found this here.

These are the kinds of things that I totally love
but what does one do with them once you have made em?

These came from here.

Should you need a giggle this gal never lets me down! OH DEAR-- I dvr the show each day and I always crack up, laugh out loud great! I usually watch it in the evening and Cliff always has to come in and see what in the world is so hysterical. It's me... I am joyous and laughter prone. If you watch the show one of my all time faves was "Dennis Quaid wants a coffee!" Hold please while I see if it's on You Tube...
eeeee I found it! So fun!

I wish that I could make these and give this kitty cat a snuggle!

Alright that was fun meaty post, lots of good stuff to look at. Don't you just love stuff!
Enjoy your Thursday!
I am sending you a snuggle!