Make a Meal of Love

Happy Thanksgiving U.S.A! And happy day to all my international readers!

I will never forget one year I was talking with my friend Ezra from the UK. We were both in Texas at the time and Thanksgiving was upon us. I look over and Ezra and say
"hey whatcha doing for T-giving?"
and he's all "yeap thinkin I'll get some work done"
and I'm looking totally shocked saying
'why don't you celebrate Thanksgiving' he didn't even have to say a word he just looked at me and we both burst out laughing and then I respond
'oh yes we're celebrating being away from you people and your mother land, but you should come over to our place anyway my mom makes a killer chocolate cream pie.'

And that folks is one way we could bring the world together... really great pie!

Hope that you are having a meal of love today and if not then maybe later you'll get to squish your fruit together. ; )