Last week Cliff and I set out on a midnight adventure to see the Quantrantid Meteor Shower.  We drove away from town and above the city lights, put the top down on the Smart Car and then with our heads back and mouths open (really is there any other way) we stared into the sky watching and waiting.  The moon was phenomenal and six fingers under the moon was Jupiter shining so brightly.  From the binoculars you could see that it is brilliant blue. 

We didn't see the meteor shower but there's something just as magic about having someone to go on midnight adventures with and sit in the cold staring out into the night.
It was a moment.
A really good one.

I hope your life is full of good moments all week long!
Happy star gazing!

P.S. New Year, New You has been extended due to several requests to push the start date back.  We're happy to oblige.  We'd love for you to join us!  The new start date is January 25th, the day after my birthday :)

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