Must haves for every home!

These days I am big into natural healing and as the baby conversation turns into practice and as I advance in my schooling at Integrative Nutrition I'm starting to think more about the chemicals in our house and that we put into our bodies through food and synthetic drugs. Instead of just taking a Day/NyQuil or the like next time you feel a little icky you could try a few of these natural suggestions to promote health and wellness in your home.

When Mema was a girl everyone knew this stuff and as we've modernized we've forgotten the basics that are so effective and leave our bodies happy and our homes clean. Here are a few items that I feel every home should have! Time to check your cupboards and then actually put them to good use. :)

This is my Mema, isn't she stunning!

(When I saw Rebecca's old black and white photos of her parents in her side bar I was so inspired to start using old photos! I am planning to dig out many more for future posts.)

Ghee (clarified organic butter)
Considered a deeply healing food in Ayurveda. Promotes healthy flow of fluids throughout the body. Strengthens tissues and provides oleation (hydro-lipid quality). Improves digestive fire. Plus it has a rich buttery flavor. It's Cliff's absolute fave. It's super satisfying. Have 1-2 teaspoons a day with food. A teaspoon or so in warm milk before bed has a gentle laxative effect.

We almost always use Ghee instead of butter in our house. Not too much though! We buy ours at Whole Foods. It's usually near the milk in the cold section but it is shelf stable so you can leave it on your counter top (we do).

An amazing spice with many medicinal qualities! It gets lots of attention even in the Western world. Supports production of healthy gut flora, has natural antibiotic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory as well as anti-cancer and blood-purifying properties. Use daily with food, added to rice, veggies or soup. Use 1 tsp salt with a half teaspoon turmeric in warm water as a gargle 6-8x/day for sore throat, cough, congestion and general cold and flu symptoms. Apply turmeric past (just mix with a small amount of water) to wounds and acne lesions, or mix with a small amount of honey to make a natural band-aid. Fantastic for resolving skin problems (although you might be a little yellow for a while)!

When Cliff had a cold this year we both started gargling warm water with turmeric and salt, he got better in 3-days and I never got "sick!"

Neti Pot- Use daily in the morning, or as needed, to rinse the sinuses and prevent colds, congestion and allergy symptoms. A must for supporting healthy breathing practices.

Sesame oil
- Use warm sesame oil for simple daily oil massage to feet before bed. Helps to calm the nervous system and promote good sleep. Before bed, apply a small amount of sesame oil on a q-tip to inside of nostrils, breathe in deeply, & sleep like a baby. Will also help to keep nasal membranes and sinuses healthy.

I also really love Almond oil. I keep a bottle in my shower and I'll scrub up before a shower and then rinse and it leaves the skin super soft!

Cinnamon Sticks - For fresh cinnamon tea! Simmer on stove in water until desired flavor is reached. Cinnamon tea is helpful for coughs & colds, supports good circulation and digestion, and has a natural harmonizing effect on the body. And it smells nice!

Nonelectric heating pad or hot water bottle - A self-care must! Soothing and nurturing when applied to belly, low back, or tired & sore muscles.

When I was little I used to love when mom would bring me the hot water bottle. It's on the list of things to absolutely do when we have children. And yes, there's a list of things we don't want to do but don't worry mom, it's mostly from Cliff's family. I kid, I kid!

Rubbing Alcohol
- Ever since seeing Kirstie Alley on Oprah talking about how she loves to clean with cheap vodka and rubbing alcohol I've been using it to clean the porcelain in our house and it is AMAZING! Oh if Kayla and I would have known that trick in the days of cleaning the bathrooms (our weekly chore and we both hated doing it, though I have to say it was better than picking up dog poop in the back yard, right sis!)!

Peroxide - The brown bottle does double duty in our house! Good for cuts and scraps and gargles but also works wonders on getting out blood, red wine, and cat puke. I keep a bottle under every sink!

Baking Soda -What can't you do with baking soda! From baking to cleaning I use baking soda all the time! I keep a jar in the laundry closet and in the kitchen!

Vingear - This gives you 1001 uses for vinegar! Lately I've been putting vinegar in the rinse cycle of all our laundry to get rid of excess soap residue and it's worked like a charm!

Hope you've found a few items that you're excited to use in your home!
To happy healthy you!

The Way of Ayurvedic Herbs, by Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa & Michael Tierra
Yoga of Herbs by David Frawley and Vasant Lad.

Jennifer Moiles helped me compile this list and contributed to the blog post : ) Thanks, Jen!

p.s. Mema, I still want you to write down all your Mema tips and tricks for home remedies and getting out any stain! We need a Mema book! LOVE YOU Meemes!