My Day, My Night

My day... I was stood up for an appt, got a flat tire, dealt with a service worker who clearly doesn't understand the service part and now I am back at home and just sent out the evite for our Grand Opening (yeah we did evite and some by mail too). I've been running around like a crazy lady all day, even the flat didn't slow me down too much (although I felt like it was a gentle reminder to SLOW DOWN).

aaaand my night!!! Cliff just reminded me that we have dinner reservations and concert tickets for tonight! Yeah in 45 minutes! Yeap--- totally forgot! We are going to see Celine Dion! The concert was supposed to be in December but she got sick so they moved it to today! I can think of no better way to stop moving and start breathing than to go and listen to Celine!

I first fell in love with her when my Aunt Mary went to see her in The Woodlands and one of her songs became Mary's signature song to Derrick, her son. How could you not fall in love with her--- listen to that song! Years later we were in Las Vegas for Derrick's super duper all star hockey competition and we saw her at Caesars Palace! MAGICICAL!

It's a very good way to end this week!