My face smells like Fruity Pebbles

My face guru Jennifer has me using True mineral makeup (love it). My skin is dry so I use this mineral mist with the loose powder to soften the look. I love how it smells! The description says ylang-ylang, lavender and orange but I just smell Saturday mornings with a bowl of Fruity Pebbles and cartoons laying on the floor with Kayla!

It's cool when your face makes you happy. I love that happy little head! tee hee That's a movie reference from Madagascar 2. If you've not seen it do yourself a giggle worthy favor and watch it right away! Basset Hound!

You know that has me thinking... wonder what I am pretty ahhh-mazing at and will make my living at? Professional whistler? Hmmm- maybe no. Do you know? What is it? Tell me! What is it?? What is it? Please tell me!

Have a most marvelous Tuesday! Hope this finds you whistling in your happy little head!