Oh Cork Christmas Tree!

Drum roll please.....

Here it is, our new lacylike cork Christmas tree! Yay! It makes me so happy! I'm considering wrapping teeny tiny fake gifts and putting them at the base of the tree. tee hee

If you'd like to make your own cork tree here's what I did:

I started with the top and worked my way down.
I found it was easiest to glue two corks together and let them sit to dry for a few minutes.
Once they are sticking together but still not completely dry start to create your levels.
The top of the tree is one cork
the next level is 4
I didn't count out specific numbers once I got past the tippy top, I just made the rings a little bigger than the last so there was something to glue to. You've got to love a project with no rules!
I was so tickled to find a cork with a face on it for the top. I tried lots of different kinds of glue and ended up going with good old fashioned Elmers and Aleene's Fast Stick and Rapid Dry (because I had tiny bottles of Aleene's I just used one up and then moved to the next).

For the star I used floral wire. It took me two tries before I was happy with my star.

I let it sit to dry over night and this morning it's a beauty! Yay we have a Christmas tree now!
Happy Sunday!