Oh Wednesday

Chello! I will have to look back but I am feeling like Wednesday is almost always my random blog post day... a little of this, a little of that! This one will be no different!

I just got off the phone with my littlest sis which always makes me feel good. She's such a cutie pop! If you ever need to laugh you should give her a ringey dingey.

Here are a few photos of last night for you...

Why yes those are a pair of birthday shoes from Kayla!

Dinner was great! We kept the menus and just ordered as we went. What a difference that makes in enjoying a meal and each other. I wish we could eat like that more.

The countdown is ON to the opening day of Soula Power Yoga! Marta and I are working like crazy people to pull this one off. You'd be shocked (or maybe you wouldn't) at how much work goes into opening a business. From toilet paper to permits I am learning LOADS!

Kristin had her baby girl yesterday! Congrats! I'm so glad you two finally got to meet!

As you may or may not know Wednesday is no longer Dirty Sexy Wednesday in our home b/c they've cancelled the show! Other things I'm sad to see go are: Expo Design Center, Dominio Magazine, Pushing Dasies... and I've heard rumor that THE GAP might close! Someone tell me that it ain't so!

I must away my to do list is giving me the eye from across the table!
Love you so!