On Happiness...

I watched Roger Ebert and his wife Chaz on Oprah yesterday and it hasn't left me.

Two things keep swirling around in my heart... at one point Oprah was speaking to Chaz about her strength and bravery and unwillingness to let her husband die and said to her "you make me proud to spell my name WOMAN!" I immediately got chills from head to toe and my eyes welled up with tears. YES! YES is what I keep thinking. That is what we should do for each other.

The other was when Chaz read an excerpt from Roger's journal on happiness. As soon as she had finished reading it I wished I'd written it down (and if anyone did please leave a comment). The gist of it was that it is his desire to help people increase their happiness and that should be the goal of all people. It was so poignant and honest and again I thought YES! YES, that is exactly what I want to do, try to do and hope to always do.

Go out there and increase some happiness!

This guys work spreads some serious happiness! We see a little bit of it each morning in our kitchen!

Dreams 2 Re:member. Original Mix from Rodney White on Vimeo.

Love to you today!